We get it. Trimming your dog’s nails is no fun. Not for you, and certainly not for them. But the fact of the matter is, keeping their nails at a healthy length is incredibly important to their well-being and routine nail clippings should be a priority. Here at Eastside Animal Hospital in Muskogee, we know how much you care for your beloved pet, and our entire staff does too! So in this blog post, we will be talking about the importance of routine nail trimmings as well as some helpful tips and advice.

If your dog’s nails haven’t been clipped in some time, or they are in need of any of our veterinary services, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment today or just drop on in!


In the wild, your dog’s nails would be gradually worn down while they hunted and ran on hard surfaces. And while the same applies to domesticated dogs that take lengthy walks on sidewalks or pavement, more often than not their daily walks are not enough to keep up with the growth of their nails.

When neglected for too long, your dog’s nails are more susceptible to breaking their nails or having them snag on carpet or furniture and tearing them off. It should go without saying that this is really painful for your furry best friend! Not only this but when their nails are overgrown it causes them to shift their weight differently when they walk or stand which over time can cause problems with their hips or joints. In extreme situations, their nails can curl around and actually penetrate their paw.

The main issue with long nails is your dog’s comfort, and a comfortable dog is a happy dog! Keeping their nails nice and trimmed will let them run free, avoid painful breaks or tears, and live their best life which we all know they deserve!


It can be pretty scary for your pup to get their nails trimmed, so it’s important to help them through the process as much as possible. Be sure to get your dog used to having their paws handled by frequently holding or massaging them. Positive reinforcement is also key so be sure to provide them with treats during their trimmings so that they associate the procedure with snack time!

While you have many techniques that you can use on your own such as nail clippers or grinders, some dogs really never get used to the trimming. If your dog is incredibly uncomfortable when you try and clip their nails, or you really don’t want to be the “bad guy”, no worries! Here at Eastside Animal Hospital, we’ve got you covered! Our staff is incredibly skilled at nail trimmings and we’ll make sure that it is done right and as quickly as possible so that they can be on their merry way! We recommend having your dog’s nails clipped every month or two, depending on how fast their nails grow.

So if your best friend’s nails need to be trimmed down, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at our animal hospital in Muskogee today!

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