Proper nutrition is just as important to the health, development, and overall wellness of our pets as it is to us, if not more so. A proper diet helps bolster their immune system, support healthy digestion, prevent disease, and even aid with their skin and hair coat health. But as any person that has walked through a pet food store would know, there are basically unlimited choices of brands and flavors available, so how do you know which is right for your pet?

At Eastside Animal Hospital in Muskogee, our veterinary nutrition expert can help. Just how all animals have different personalities and mannerisms, they also have different requirements when it comes to the food that they eat. Many factors come into play when determining their nutrition including age, weight, size, and breed. So pet food education is crucial when deciding what to put in your pet’s bowl.

While we recommend doing some basic research on your own (after all, you know your pet better than anyone) the staff at our animal hospital can help you with your decision. We’ll meet with you and your pet and go over a few of their nutritional needs. Some of the information we will discuss is their taste preferences, how much exercise they get daily, their target weight, and more.

Since your pet can’t go to the store on their own, or voice their opinions, it’s up to you to choose the right diet for them to be happy and healthy. But we’ll help you by recommending food brands that we trust, and what we feel would be the best fit for your pet.

There’s a reason that our entire staff works at our veterinary clinic—we all love animals! So if you need some assistance deciding on proper pet nutrition, or would like to schedule an appointment for any of our other veterinary services, don’t hesitate to contact Eastside Animal Hospital today!